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Kaunas is called the heart of the Lithuanian industry because of strong tradition of engineering industry and largest technical university in the Baltic countries. Universities in the city can offer investors top-level technologists, engineers, IT specialists and social science graduates. These professionals are needed in manufacturing companies and service centres, therefore, Kaunas is attractive to a broad audience of investors.

Kaunas FEZ complements this city’s talent potential with a well-developed industrial and business infrastructure, which is one of the key criteria when choosing a location of investment. For us, working with international companies, Kaunas FEZ is an important part of the value of the proposal in Lithuania.

Virginijus Sinkevičius, MINISTER OF ECONOMY

Kaunas has a long-standing industrial tradition, one of the largest in the region Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ), Kaunas airport, the city is at the intersection of two trans-European highways. Therefore, I believe that both the city as well as the FEZ has unique opportunities and today they are properly exploited – an increasing number of Lithuanian and foreign-owned companies establish themselves in Kaunas FEZ and thereby enhance the potential to attract more foreign investment in the region, creating new jobs for the region’s residents and develop business-friendly environment.

In 2015 Kaunas FEZ has created more than 1,000 jobs and attracted 77,33 million euro of investment. More than 20 companies settle here. I am glad that Kaunas is becoming an ever more important business centre, and companies operating in the FEZ make a significant contribution to economic growth in Lithuania.

Valerijus Makūnas, Kaunas district mayor, Chairman of Kaunas Regional Development Council

We strive that Kaunas region becomes an ever more important centre of business attraction, and companies here make a major contribution to creating wealth in the country.

Kaunas region already generates around 20 percent of the country’s GDP. I am convinced that this share will grow further in the future. It is also important to create new jobs, and that entrepreneurs coming to our country feel socially responsible.

Kaunas district municipality fully encourages the investment. The municipal urban planners attempt to process documents for construction of new companies as soon as possible.

I am glad that new solid companies come to Kaunas FEZ. I have no doubt that the Air Park will attract new investors as well. In the future it will connect the Kaunas FEZ and the airport areas. At a later stage, a railway siding will be built from FEZ to Palemonas and we will have a unique business attraction centre in Eastern and Central Europe.

Olaf Martens, Kaunas airport director

The neighbourhood of the Airport and Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ) allows to offer an exceptional place for aviation companies. Perfectly developed Kaunas airport infrastructure, tax incentives in the free economic zone, and a strategic location in Eastern Europe – it’s just a few things that, I believe, will help successfully develop the Air Park project.

We work hand-in-hand with the free economic zone management company to connect the FEZ territory to airport infrastructure, to the aircraft taxiway in the near future and offer the opportunity for first investors to take advantage of this excellent place in Eastern Europe.

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