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Development of Kaunas FEZ production and logistics zone

Development of Kaunas FEZ production and logistics zone


Kaunas Free Economic Zone Management Company continues its development. In  firm’s first zone, currently, a infrastructure network development work is being taken which will provide even greater car cross-country ability. According to the preliminary data, two-lane, 400-meter long and 7.5 meters wide road is intended to be paved until June of this year. Traffic density in this area is calculated to be around 4000 vehicles per day.

Talking about other types of development, recently, a new contact with “ESO”  for electricity extension to the second sewage pumping station was made. With more companies establishing here, the second pump operation is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the disposal of sewage from the area.

In our opinion, the constant renewal of the infrastructure is needed in order to be competitive on a global scale, offering potential investors as best as possible installation conditions. In the near future, other infrastructure projects will be completed, which will make this zone even greater for direct investments.