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HELLA Lituania electronics’ factory was officially opened at Kaunas Free Economic Zone

HELLA Lituania electronics’ factory was officially opened at Kaunas Free Economic Zone

HELLA – a company producing automotive components – electronics factory was officially opened with a solemn celebration on the 13th of September at the Kaunas Free Economic Zone. The German giant’s planned investment of 30 million euros is the fourth largest in the territory of Kaunas Free Economic Zone, fifth according to the area it occupies (8.9 hectares) and the first according to the number of people it plans to employ (2000 employees).

HELLA Lituania factory began its construction works on a “plain field” almost a year ago, in September, 2017 and started operating this summer – the first package of printed electronic circuit boards was shipped to clients in August. At the end of the summer, HELLA Lituania had over 70 employees and it is planned to employ 40 more people until the end of the year. In addition to that, the company aims at increasing the number of employees to 250 in three years’ time. To this day, the company has already invested 18 million euros of 30 million planned in the new factory in Kaunas. 400 thousand euros were directly allocated for staff training.

According to Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of the Republic of Lithuania, who spoke during the opening ceremony, HELLA, Continental and other German giants’ coming to Lithuania is not random, “Today, Germany is one of our most important economic, political and military allies. So, no wonder this kind of political cooperation is followed by business. It is a trust in Lithuania and its evaluation – we have become an innovative, highly skilled and high value-added workforce country.”

Currently, HELLA Lituania factory is manufacturing the BiLED HighBeam – Printed Circuit Board Assembly. The circuit boards are fitted into the headlamps of European-made cars. It is planned that the production line that started its operation in the factory located at the Kaunas Free Economic Zone will produce over 1 million circuit boards per year.

In the near future, it is planned to further expand the range of manufactured products – The European automobile manufacturers will be supplied with sensors, actuators and control mechanisms manufactured in HELLA Lituania factory based in Kaunas.

Meanwhile, the CEO of HELLA Dr. Rolf Breidenbach emphasized that the new factory in Kaunas is designed to meet the growing demand for electronic solutions in Europe, “This new plant in Kaunas is not only one of our most advanced electronic factories in the world, but also an important stage in implementing the company’s growth strategy. Innovative electronic components created here will go to the leaders of European automotive industry and will enable us to actively shape the future of the automotive industry.”

HELLA is one of the 40 largest automotive component manufacturers in the world and one of the 100 largest industrial companies in Germany. The company decided to invest in Lithuania after analyzing the options of 17 possible countries: the empirical data were evaluated, the potential investment locations visited, foreign companies that had already invested in Lithuania and the clients of HELLA themselves were consulted. Among the most attractive conditions that led to the final decision to build a plant in Lithuania and in particular the Kaunas Free Economic Zone, are highly qualified labor force (especially those with technical skillsets), country’s high level of development (European Union, EURO zone and NATO member), excellent conditions for production growth and for electronics industry to expand.

First according to the number of people to be employed

Kaunas Free Economic Zone and HELLA has signed a land tenancy agreement for 99 years according to which, the 8000-square-meter automotive electronics factory will be built in four developmental stages on an 8.9 hectare stretch. Currently built are 3700-square-meter industrial premises, 2300- square-meter warehouse and a 2000-square-meter administrative building. The total HELLA investment in Kaunas Free Economic Zone (30 million euros) is the fourth largest, fifth according to the area it occupies (8.9 hectares) and the first according to the number of people it plans to employ (2000 employees at the final stage).

Since Kaunas Free Economic Zone started its work in 2004, the place has already attracted 32 investors that all together occupy the area of 103 hectares (19% of all Kaunas Free Economic Zone territory). The total number of Kaunas Free Economic Zone investments today amounts to 634 million euros (246 million euros in 2017), the 70 percent of which are direct foreign investments. In total, about 5 000 jobs have already been or will be created.


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