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Tax incentives

Companies that invest more than 1 million euros benefit from the following tax incentives:


  • no profit tax is imposed during the initial six accounting periods;
  • during the subsequent ten accounting periods the corporate income tax makes up merely 50 percent of the corporate income tax levied on Lithuanian companies; (The corporate income tax rate applied in Lithuania amounts to 15 percent in 2015).


Companies do not pay any real-estate taxes.


No taxes are levied on dividends earned by foreign investors (pursuant to the Law on Corporate Income Tax).


Tax In FEZ territory In Lithuania

Corporate tax

0 % (first 6 years) 15 %

Corporate tax

7,5% (other 10 years) 15 %

Real estate tax

0% 1 %

Dividend taxation

0 % (for foreign investors) 15 %


Ryterna Group expansion is based on opening new export markets. While doing this, our product stock grow and increase the need of warehousing and production area.
This has prompted us to construct new production and warehousing facilities. Luckily in Kaunas FEZ we always had the opportunities to expand according to our business needs. We hope that tax incentives which we have here will accelerate the payback of our investments.
Vytautas Rinkevičius
Director of RYTERNA