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Background of investors in Kaunas FEZ

Background of investors in Kaunas FEZ

Kaunas FEZ has been open for investors from any background. Thus, there have been a variety of fields that its current clients come from. Nevertheless, a certain pattern over the decade of activities has emerged that shows companies coming from the following sectors: logistics and distribution, manufacturing, electronics and automation, food and pharmaceuticals, energy, aviation.

Logistics and distribution companies operating in Kaunas FEZ range from national ones that have activities focused at home to the well-known international brands which commute daily across their European and global locations. The field of activity has a close to 50:50 distribution in transportation of cargo and delivery of customer parcels.

Companies that have their manufacturing facilities established in Kaunas FEZ vary in their profile. Largest clients carry out production of garage doors that mainly get exported for sale around Europe. Other large manufacturing exercises are carried out for producing insulation materials, bathroom furniture, printing, plumbing equipment, vending machines, medical equipment, electronic automobile parts. These production facilities occupy a significant role in all the clients’ supply chain nationally as well as on their international network.

Electronics and automation is another sector that occupies a segment in KFEZ. The companies have relatively large teams which focus on product development, finding solution to their clients and providing services for customer IT products. Another substantial line of their work is production line automation.

Food and pharmaceuticals as well as energy sector companies while limited in number outweigh their input by the scale of their projects. Some of the pharmaceutical products that are produced on site in Kaunas FEZ are unique on the national level as well as regionally. Therefore, the initial capacity is set to be increased in the nearest future. Similarly, the energy plant is a tailor suited project for the city’s needs to provide with clean energy. 

As Kaunas FEZ benefits from its convenient location close to the perimeter of Kaunas International Airport, there is a huge potential for the aviation and MRO companies. Kaunas FEZ territory has been developing in two stages, and this second stage – Airpark – is now in high demand with potential large scale investments coming from general warehousing and logistics, manufacturing of aviation related products, MRO service providers.


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