Scientific research, experimental development and innovation (SREDI) are the foundation of advanced society. Therefore, Kaunas FEZ is aiming to create in its territory favourable conditions for the settlement of companies engaging in SREDI activities – to gather a Smartpark community.

Smartpark is the community of companies specializing in smart technologies and engaged in activities focused on the development and manufacturing of new products. The creation of a sustainable Smartpark cluster is one of the objectives of Kaunas FEZ. Therefore, aiming to attract and encourage companies specializing in smart technologies, we make every effort to prepare all the required infrastructure: from construction of roads, streets and engineering networks to developers ready to provide built-to-suit or lease services.

Priority but not the only directions of activities of the companies of Kaunas FEZ Smartpark:

  • transport;
  • logistics;
  • ICT;
  • health technologies;
  • energy;
  • biotechnologies.

Currently, companies which create unique solutions in the fields of automation and robotization or manufacture pharmaceutical, accounting, electrical components, are already operating in Kaunas FEZ.

Our aim is for this community to grow and expand; therefore, we have already constructed the network of access roads to the lots, gas supply, water supply and wastewater systems, pavements and bicycle paths in different stages and we intend to expand them further soon. All this helps companies and their employees to get established quickly and efficiently.

The objective of Kaunas FEZ is not only to grow the community of companies specializing in smart technologies but also encourage the already operating companies to invest in the creation, development and manufacturing of new products. This not only helps create products which compete in the global market but also attracts talents who have high skills as well as growing the economy and wellbeing of the country.


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