Construction works of the electrical components plant of the German investor Continental which were begun in July of 2018 were completed in only 15 months. Production of electrical components was started in the 22,000 sq. m. production, administration and storage premises in October of 2019. Sensors, regulation systems, electrical components designed for contactless charging in cars, safety systems and radars are being manufactured in Continental Automotive Lithuania located in Kaunas FEZ.

Continental’s decisionto invest in Lithuania, in Kaunas FEZ, was determined not only by the excellently developed local infrastructure but also by the high potential of the technical-academic community of Kaunas region. Employees’ skills, know-how and experience are among the critical factors which influenced such a decision by the German investor.

This greenfield investment of Continental is the biggest one not only in Kaunas FEZ but also in Lithuania during the last 30 years. The company will invest a total of 95 million euros in the project and employ over 1,000 people. The arrival of Continental is considered to be an influential factor which contributes to the development of the car industry both in Kaunas region and in the whole country.


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