Hollister success story

Hollister Incorporated is an independent, employee-controlled US company which creates, manufactures and distributes health care products and services all over the world. Hollister Incorporated has been helping health care specialists and patients for nearly 100 years: the company manufactures products designed for stoma care, urinary excretion disorders and care of patients who are in a critical condition; it draws up auxiliary training material for patients and health care specialists.

 Hollister at Kaunas FEZ

Hollister Lietuva opened its doors in Kaunas FEZ in October of 2019. The company allotted EUR 30 million for the investment and settled down in a 13 ha lot: the factory operating here employs a team of 300 people which manufactures stoma care products designed for the markets of the European countries.

While choosing the location of the investment for the new development project, Hollister Incorporated assessed not only logistical advantages and high-quality infrastructure but also the favourable business environment as well as employees who have the required education and high technical skills. As soon as Hollister Lietuva settled down in Kaunas, it established close relationships with the local academic community.

New production line

The company's production in Lithuania is expanding to include medical agents used in the case of urinary incontinence. The company is expected to create more than 500 new jobs for engineers, managers, technicians and other professionals over the next few years.

It is believed that this decision by Hollister Lietuva will increase production capacity, create opportunities to provide services to partners abroad. The aim of this new production is to help the plant move towards becoming a centre of excellence for Hollister Incorporated.


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