Having become synonymous with garage doors in Lithuania, Ryterna is one of the first investors in Kaunas FEZ: it started from a 1.2 ha lot but today the company occupies an astonishing 9.3 ha area in which it has invested approximately 30 million euros in four developmental stages. A 50 sq. m. manufacturing unit and a logistics centre are located here and the team of the company in Lithuania consists of over 600 people.

Ryterna manufactures and sells garage doors and their structural parts, industrial gates, exterior doors and modular buildings. It also performs installation and comprehensive maintenance works of its products. The company exports approximately 90% of its products to 16 foreign countries where it has its representative offices: Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Scandinavian and other countries. It is the development of export markets that influences the growth of the company the most which in turn increases the need for new storage and manufacturing premises.

The company chose to settle down in this territory because Ryterna was given every opportunity to develop premises of the required size and receive tax incentives in Kaunas FEZ and thus get quicker return on its investments.


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