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HELLA is rapidly increasing the number of its employees and develops the necessary expertise in training

HELLA is rapidly increasing the number of its employees and develops the necessary expertise in training

German company HELLA located in Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ), has already increased the number of its employees up to 100 people. The company pays special attention to their training. The new employees gain the experience required by the automotive industry in HELLA subdivisions around Europe. The company also received funding for the development of important competencies from the EU program Training for Employees of Foreign Investors.

The company has reached a three-digit number of employees in 17 months, employing on average 5-6 employees per month. Most of them are qualified engineers working in logistics, quality, equipment installation, maintenance, and manufacturing departments.

“Currently, we are looking for employees with experience in the fields of engineering and technology. Process engineers and equipment installation and testing specialists are becoming increasingly important as the company develops rapidly and starts implementing new production projects,” Jurgita Macijauskienė, head of human resources at HELLA Lithuania says.

Financial support from the EU funds for the development of employees’ competencies

She notes that there are very few people with experience in the automotive industry in Lithuania. “However, the founders of HELLA Lithuania already knew that before deciding to invest in Lithuania. Therefore, we focus a lot on the training of our specialists in other HELLA factories located mostly in Europe, although, there have been several more exotic countries as well. Our colleagues also come to Lithuania to train our employees.”

EU program Training for Employees of Foreign Investors allocated almost 0.5 million Euro for the training of HELLA employees.

“Quality is the most important indicator in the automotive industry, so we will spend most of our funding on the training concerning the improvement of the quality of technological processes and the strengthening of competencies. In order to ensure effective communication with HELLA subdivisions in other countries, clients and suppliers, we will also finance English language courses for employees. Of course, a significant part of the funding will be directed to the strengthening of other key competencies such as project management, increasing the efficiency of the company, practical decision-making.”

Almost one-third of the candidates’ CVs come from abroad

The human resources manager says that very open management is named as one of the biggest advantages of HELLA Lithuania. “Our team promotes feedback and open communication and, while having different responsibilities, we value all employees equally”.

About 30% of the candidates applying for work in HELLA Lithuania are Lithuanians living abroad. Because of the very open attitude towards the recruitment of employees, some interviews are conducted on the phone or via the internet. Today, we can rejoice because several emigrants returned to Lithuania to work in HELLA Lithuania.

According to J. Macijauskienė, the company will have an intense year but considering the general trends of the country and interest in HELLA, the future prognoses are optimistic. The company plans to welcome summer with a team of around 140 employees and the number should double in early summer next year.


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