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One of the most modern furniture factories was opened in Lithuania – all its production for export

One of the most modern furniture factories was opened in Lithuania - all its production for export

The official opening of one of the most modern furniture factories in Lithuania took place on March 20 at the Kaunas Free Economic Zone. Geras baldų fabrikas belongs to Freda – the oldest Lithuanian furniture industry company.

A modern 35,6 thousand square meter factory was built in Kaunas FEZ in just a year. It contains a bulk furniture factory and logistics warehouse. This is where the manufacturing of wide range of painted bulk furniture – various chests, also shoe boxes, cabinets, and other hard furniture – begins. According to the head of the factory, Virginijus Brundza, all the products manufactured in the factory will be exclusively for export and will travel to different countries. Freda’s main client is the Swedish furniture manufacturer and seller – IKEA.

“We are glad that the oldest company of the Lithuanian wood industry is looking ahead and making significant investments. And it is even more delightful to utter the word factory because at one point it seemed that Lithuania was at risk of becoming a country that no longer produces anything and has no industry of its own. However, the production not only remains – but it also grows and the opening of this factory is important not only for the Kaunas region but for the whole of Lithuania. Tens of millions have been invested, hundreds of jobs are being created and a turnover of hundreds of millions is expected. These are significant figures and a contribution to the country’s economy and its engine – export,” Saulius Skvernelis, Lithuanian Prime Minister said during the opening ceremony of the factory.

In response to the increased needs of the furniture industry, Freda invested a total of 42 million euro into the construction of the new factory at Kaunas FEZ, and in the future, for the second stage, the company plans to invest an additional 12 million euro. The biggest focus was on modern solutions. The new plant is functional and sustainable, it is environmentally friendly, using energy-efficient heating and lighting solutions. The building is of a very high A ++ energy efficiency class, one of the roofs will be equipped with solar collectors.

It is expected that Geras baldų fabrikas will reach its design capacity within 3 to 4 years. Then, its production volume will be about 250 million euro. A total of about 240 new jobs will be created in the factory. Currently, highly qualified line operators and machinists are on the highest demand.

Geras baldų fabrikas is a third furniture manufacturing company in the territory of Kaunas FEZ, attesting to the formation of this specific industry’s cluster in FEZ. In addition to Freda plant, Kaunas Free Economic Zone also has Raguvos baldai (Kamė) manufacturing bathroom furniture and a recently opened Fitsout supplying furniture and interior solutions for businesses.


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