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Kaunas region

Kaunas is known for being well-connected with other major Lithuanian cities and urban centres of foreign countries via the system of roads. The city of Kaunas might easily be reached by air and rail while its geographical location is also considered to be especially convenient and attractive. Kaunas is often referred to as the capital of Lithuanian industry because of a significant number of companies working there in many different spheres, including chemistry, the manufacture of electrical devices, textile manufacturing, food and beverage production. Thanks to Kaunas University of Technology operating in the Baltics as the biggest academic institution, the competencies acquired by the employees who are currently working in the region gain much importance for the entire Lithuania.


Kauno regionas 


According to the Lithuanian Municipal Performance Index compiled by the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Kaunas District Municipality was ranked first three times (in 2011, 2013 and 2014). In 2012 namely this municipality came out second among 54 smaller municipalities (excluding the cities). In 2015 Kaunas District Municipality shared the first position with Klaipėda District Municipality among the five leading small municipalities. To create and release the Municipal Performance Index, the investment environment as well as the social one have been properly evaluated. 




There are 7 universities, 8 universities of applied sciences and 18 vocational schools functioning in Kaunas. At present 56 030 students are studying in these institutions. Kaunas University of Technology is the biggest institution actively involved in the preparation of qualified engineers in Lithuania.

Maintaining a close relationship with business and accumulating a long-term experience of collaboration with the major actors working in the regional business, Kaunas University of Technology serves as the main workforce training provider for all companies operating in the same region. 





At present, the number of people living in the region amounts to 587 400 and the number of people of working age has reached 298 800.


Kaunas is often called “the heart of Lithuanian industry”. 19.14 percent of the working-age population are employed in the manufacturing sector.


More than 50 foreign-capital companies have already chosen Kaunas as a good location for their investments and 7000 workplaces have been created as a result. 54 percent of foreign direct investments have been made in manufacturing, 16 percent – in trading, 14 percent – in real estate, 6 percent – in building and construction and 10 percent – in other spheres of activity.




Kaunas is easy to reach not only by roads or rail but also by air. Kaunas airport is the biggest airport providing cargo services in the country.  In 2016 Kaunas Airport has included the following destinations into the flights schedule: Barcelona, Eilat (Ovda Airport), Copenhagen, Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, Malta, Shannon, Oslo (Rygge Airport), London (Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, Luton Airport).

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