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Reconstruction works of the entrance to Kaunas FEZ were started

Reconstruction works of the entrance to Kaunas FEZ were started

This week, the long-awaited reconstruction will be launched, connecting the territory of Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ) with the extremely busy traffic artery: the national highway A6 Kaunas-Zarasai-Daugavpils. Until May next year, there will be a grade-separated intersection built with an overpass and connecting road.

The heads of Kaunas FEZ started talking about the need for such a construction a decade ago: they have consistently worked and paid attention to the fact that this overpass is needed not only for FEZ but also for road users who are passing by: those who are moving at high speed through one of the main roads of Kaunas region. It is estimated that currently, about 7,000 vehicles join the A6 road moving from the Kaunas FEZ industrial area daily. Such traffic flows not only slow down the passage at the site but also create traffic jams and potentially cause emergency situations.

“For us, a business area that attracts investments, the emergence of such a road is very significant and undoubtedly increases our attractiveness in the eyes of investors: before investing, every investor carefully evaluates all aspects and understands that the more convenient access to business by both own and public transport is, the easier it will be to find the employees. Such an employer becomes more attractive in the labour market,” says Vytas Petružis, the director of Kaunas FEZ.

In order to start the construction of a safe and convenient entrance as soon as possible, Kaunas FEZ has taken up and prepared at its own expense territorial planning documents, technical projects for construction not only on the side of the FEZ, but also on the side of Narėpai so that the new overpass and the entrance would serve full capacity.

The Lithuanian Road Administration has signed the contract worth 6.9 million EUR with AB “Kauno tiltai”. Until May 2020, the entrance to Kaunas FEZ at the 8.6 kilometre of Kaunas-Zarasai-Daugavpils national highway will be reconstructed: a grade-separated intersection with an overpass and the connecting road will be built. The new monolithic span structure of overpass with bearing walls will be used to exit the Kaunas FEZ territory without crossing the main A6 road. There will also be a roundabout and a new road that will connect the exit from Narėpai leading to the overpass.

“It is symbolic that, more than 10 years ago, AB “Kauno Tiltai” built the first road to the FEZ territory. We are glad that the Kaunas Free Economic Zone located in our neighbourhood is expanding rapidly, attracting more and more foreign investors and developing its infrastructure. This project, which includes the construction of a grade-separated intersection and overpass, will not only facilitate transport access but will also ensure safer traffic,” says Aldas Rusevičius, CEO of AB “Kauno tiltai”.

The contractor indicates that the traffic will be redirected to the narrowed traffic lanes of both directions, and the drivers will be informed about the traffic changes by the traffic management schemes. Currently, there are ongoing works of construction setup, preparatory works, site clearing, transportation of panels and so on.


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