AB Freda is one of the most prominent furniture manufacturers of Lithuania; it started operating as a sawmill over a hundred years ago.

The company concluded a contract for the lease of a lot with the company managing Kaunas FEZ in 2017. A modern 35.6 thousand sq. m. factory of Freda LEZ was erected in the 5.3 ha lot in less than a year: a factory of solid carcass furniture and a logistics warehouse. The investments of the company in this factory amount to EUR 53 million.

The 200-person production team gathered by Freda LEZ will manufacture products worth EUR 75 million this year alone. Manufacturing capacities will increase to EUR 240 million in the future. The manufactured products are exported exclusively to the main customer of Freda – a Swedish concern manufacturing and trading in furniture.

Alongside the main manufacturing and warehousing activities, a product development centre has been operating in Freda LEZ since November of 2019. Prototypes of solid furniture are being developed and tested here as furniture must comply with global standards before being mass-manufactured. A team of 10 people is currently developing and testing 60 different products which will appear on the shelves of shops in near future.


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