34 companies have invested in Kaunas FEZ, from the very first customer which took up residence in 2005 until today. Approximately 70 companies are operating in the territory, including the lessees which operate in the customers’ premises. According to their strategic plans, the companies will generate 5,500 jobs when operating at their full output.

The territory of Kaunas FEZ covers a 534 ha area. The area occupied by the customers exceeds 125 ha, while the total value of investments in projects amounts to EUR 680 million. 70% of this value is direct foreign investment.  



The company which manages Kaunas FEZ has a policy of not dividing the territory into sectors by theme or segments by nature of activities; therefore, you can find a logistics company near a food manufacturer and an electronics factory – in the vicinity of a manufacturer of medical supplies.

Nevertheless, using the visual advantage of the lots which have direct frontage on and access to the trunk road A6, we are purposefully encouraging companies which provide services of social nature to settle down in this territory. Office centres, hotels, shopping networks, sports or conference centres are the projects which would benefit from the advantages of this 7 ha territory.

One more exceptional neighbour of Kaunas FEZ is Kaunas International Airport. Kaunas FEZ has a 3,000 m boundary with the airport. This area of over 30 ha is ideally suited for companies providing aviation services. As the planned direct connection between Kaunas FEZ and Kaunas Airport will be constructed in the long run, conditions favourable for servicing aircraft will be provided.


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