Lithuania is a small but ambitious country to grow your business in. A young, dynamic and innovative society is open to innovation, inclined to integrate and cooperate, and considers itself a true part of the Western world. Having decided to create its statehood and economy on the principles of democracy and free market in 1991, the country has laid a strong foundation for this decision:

2.8 million


(Data of the Department of Statistics of the Republic of Lithuania (RL), 2019)

EUR 17.3 thousand

GDP per capita

(Data of Eurostat, 2019)


unemployment rate

(Data of the Department of Statistics of RL, 2019)


of young specialists speak excellent English

(Data of Invest Lithuania, 2018)


of young people aged 25-34 have acquired higher education

(Data of Eurostat, 2018)

A geographic advantage of Lithuania is the non-freezing port of the Baltic Sea in Klaipėda as well as the convenient location on the crossroads of European regions. A three-hour flight from Lithuania lets one reach most European capitals. The road, sea and railway system of Lithuania is also well developed and connected to the neighbouring countries. Lithuania, located in the North-eastern region of the EU, is a convenient logistics connection for the performance of international trade.

3 international airports

Vilnius | Kaunas | Palanga

2-3 hours to the capitals of the EU


annual loading volume of Klaipėda – 46.26 million tons

(Performance of Klaipėda Port, 2019)


1,435 mm and 1,520 mm gauge tracks intersect at Palemonas intermodal terminal.

There is a direct connection to Klaipėda Seaport.

The logistic attractiveness of the country allows effective use of both internal and international transport infrastructure:

12.2% of GDP

transport and logistics sector generates

(Data of the Department of Statistics of RL, 2019)


of all labour force is employed in this sector

(Data of the Department of Statistics of RL, 2019)


Kaunas region is the second largest administrative unit of Lithuania, connected by motorway to other important centres in Lithuania and abroad and easily accessible by air and rail transport; therefore, it is valued because of its convenient geographic location. The biggest companies of the chemical, engineering, textile, electronics and furniture sectors are located here.



of which 15%

are employed
in industry

Over fifty thousand students are studying in the universities and colleges of Kaunas region. A stunning one-quarter of them are studying technical sciences. The historically strong academic community of Kaunas cherishes close ties with business. As a result, the labour market of Lithuania is supplemented by specialists who have acquired the most up-to-date engineering education and skills in specific sectors every year.

Kaunas FEZ

Kaunas FEZ is conveniently located near the intersection of two trunk roads of national and international significance – A1 and A6. Such location enables the transport of Kaunas FEZ and people from residential neighbourhoods of Kaunas can reach this territory without getting stuck in traffic jams.

A neighbour of Kaunas FEZ is Kaunas International Airport. Direct integration of the companies of the aviation sector located in Kaunas FEZ with Kaunas Airport is planned in the future.


number of


jobs created

Palemonas intermodal terminal is located less than 6 km away from the territory of Kaunas FEZ.

After completion of the Rail Baltica track project, this terminal will be able to service cargos of different railway tracks as well as solutions of the road transport supply chain. The customers of Kaunas FEZ can have direct railway communication to Palemonas terminal if needed.

Kaunas FEZ is a mere 220 km away from Klaipėda Port: the port is easily accessible both by road (A1) and by railway via Palemonas intermodal terminal.


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